Gebäude Hull's School Zürich

Learning Center

Here at academia we offer assistance and support to our young learners as they strive to achieve their scholastic goals and dreams.

in-tuition offers a wide range of academic possibilities.

We can offer extra tuition to students who need a helping hand in a range of subjects as German, Mathematics, Chemistry, English and many more.

We help students prepare for a wide variety of exams such as the gymnasium acceptance exam, BMS and the Swiss Matura.

in-tuition also prepares students for the British university entry qualification (A Level)

During the summer vacation we offer intensive language courses. Find out more

With our courses for mathematic and languages you will be well prepared to pass the Gymi-Aufnahemprüfung. Read more

For more information on the options available to you, call our experienced course advisor Rahel Doswald

+41 44 267 60 67